Fundraising Brick Spotlight – Veteran Exploration Garden

Today we wanted to take a moment to spotlight one of our extremely worthy campaigns for the exceptional effort they’re putting into their commemorative brick campaign. That cause is the San Bernardino Veteran Exploration Garden. They’ve gone the extra mile by creating this fantastic video to promote their campaign.

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If you’re in a place where you can’t watch this video, we’ll give you the rundown. This video, made by the men and women of the 12th Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), explains how important the Veteran Exploration Garden is to them and why they’re holding their Fundraising Brick campaign.

The video features several veterans that work with the garden to help their fellow vets. Joe Mosely takes the helm explaining, “There’s a pride knowing that you’re working with other Purple Heart veterans, other disabled veterans, other veterans that just simply served. It makes you feel like you’re part of a team again. It makes you feel strong and, for a lot of us veterans, that’s what we need.”

Fellow veteran, Rudy Venegas Jr., also speaks about how important the garden has been for him saying, “It brought me back to society. It took out a lot of anger that I actually had in me that’s been buried for years.” Rueben Luis continues the sentiment by saying, “It’s all about veterans helping veterans.”

After the point of “why” is made, they go onto explain how you can help by donating to their Fundraising Brick campaign. Each brick donated will be used to create a walkway paved with commemorative bricks. Each of the bricks will be laser engraved with the names of veterans and soldiers who paid the ultimate price in the name of our freedom.

This video is short and effective. It drives the point of the Veterans Exploration Garden home and pushes the importance of this campaign. Its efforts like this that create a successful campaign. This video sets an example that any commemorative brick campaign can follow.

Click here to visit the San Bernardino, California Veteran Exploration Garden donor page and make a donation to this worthy cause today. Plus, you can like them on their Facebook page to stay in touch with them as they continue to make progress towards their fundraising goal.

This is just one example of how a commemorative campaign can make a huge difference. There are countless other possibilities that our Fundraising Brick campaign can offer, including fundraisers for schools, hospitals, libraries, sports teams, zoos, churches, etc. To learn more about Fundraising Brick and how a commemorative brick campaign could be the right choice for your next fundraiser, big or small, contact us by phone at 855-274-2547 or click here.

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