Memorial Day Fundraiser Ideas

It’s nearly Memorial Day, the one day of the year we stop to remember all of the courageous men and women who fought and died for the freedoms that make up the backbone of this great country. So at very least, take some time out this Memorial Day to honor our fallen soldiers, or go the extra mile by raising funds in the name of those soldiers and their community. Give back in the name of those who gave it all.

We put together a quick list of fundraising ideas that will honor those we lost, as well as benefit your community and the families of soldiers.

1. Family Fun in the Sun

Honor our fallen soldiers’ memory by exercising the rights they fought to protect. Throw a huge public gathering, invite the whole community and live free. Set up games, barbecues, craft vendors and live local music to complete this event. Most people are off work and school on Memorial Day, so it’s a great option that the whole community can enjoy.

2. A Night of Remembrance

If you’re looking for a more serious, heartfelt Memorial Day fundraiser, try throwing a dinner or gala to honor our heroes. Invite widows, widowers, families and community members to come out and enjoy a night of food, community and remembrance. Ask for donations or charge a small entry fee to make this a highly charitable and emotional event that can become a new tradition for your town.

3. March in their Memory

March, walk, run, whatever you can do as long as you’re continuing on in our lost soldiers stead. This one works just like any marathon, have participants collect donors to pay a certain donation per mile. It’s a great way to bring the community together and help them stay active and healthy.

4. Take them to Boot Camp

Alright, so you can’t literally take your community to boot camp, but you can set up some fun and challenging obstacle courses to test their mettle. Make it into a full competition in your community complete with different categories for age ranges. Participants pay to play and all funds go back into your community or to a military fund.

5. A Patriotic Fireworks Show

What’s more patriotic than a good, old fashioned fireworks show? Bring out the whole community to honor our fallen soldiers and the families that they left behind with an exciting show. Charge a small admission fee to cover costs and meet your fundraising goals.

6. Give to the Survivors

This is a small gesture that will go a long way for the families that lost loved ones to war. This can be as simple as writing letters that show how much you care to gift baskets with personal effects, flowers and patriotic items. Charge for these items to be sent anonymously or directly to people that they care about to make a huge community impact.

7. Build a Memorial with Commemorative Bricks

Use a commemorative brick campaign to create a meaningful memorial wall, walkway or garden for families, veterans and community members. Each brick donated to this cause is etched with the name of a soldier using our state of the art laser engraving process. This goes a long way in beautifying your community and creates a centralized location where people can come and mourn and honor the soldiers that didn’t make it back.

For more information on how you can start your own commemorative brick Memorial Day fundraiser, contact Fundraising Brick by phone at 855-274-2547 or click here. We make it our job to help you with the entire fundraising process from planning to marketing to building your brick memorial.

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