6 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

The time has come for fundraising—again. Your nonprofit group relies on these fundraising ventures to run throughout the year. However, it can become difficult to think of ideas for fundraising year after year (or season after season as the case may be) especially if you do not want to sell chocolate bars or wrapping paper. While each organization may have unique requirements from a fundraiser, making one or two of these impractical, here are six ideas that can be a good place to start.

Yard Sale – Do not discount the yard sale. This can be an excellent way to get the entire community involved. Not only can you sell actual yard sale items, but you can also sell booth space to others to set up yard sale booths or even booths for craft, multilevel marketing or retail items. Pairing this idea with a bake sale or car wash can be an excellent combination. A sale in winter can be held inside if you have space too.

Silent Auction or Raffle – A silent auction or raffle is always a nice, simple way to fundraise, especially if you have access to desirable items. One way to “create” desirable pieces is to ask for donations for gift baskets and create those to auction or raffle off to participants. It may be a good idea to offer both an auction and raffle at the same time so that you can attract partakers that may favor one format over the other.

T-Shirts – Selling T-shirts that showcase your organization is a magnificent fundraising method. This is easier than ever before because there are websites that allow you to create and sell the shirts online without any upfront investment.

Concert – If you have access to great entertainment, hosting a performance could be your “ticket” to fundraising success. Make sure you take advantage of additional opportunities to earn by selling concessions and souvenirs too.

Fundraising Bricks – Visit the Fundraising Brick website to learn more about this innovative way to earn money for your organization. You can bring in a large amount of cash and create a piece of memorabilia at the same time.

5K Race – 5K races are very popular right now. Not only that, but 5k race is a fundraising opportunity that will get the whole community involved. Check with your local government to find out what you may need to do to set up a race for your group.

No matter what you choose for your fundraiser, try not to stress about it. If you have fun and relax, you will get better results than if you stress and worry. Choose a good fundraiser, work hard and connect with the community and you are sure to achieve great results.

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