​3 Ways That the Girl Scouts are Fundraising Geniuses (and What We Can Learn from Them)

Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us and it’s safe to bet that you’ll be enjoying a Tagalong or Caramel Delight sometime in your very near future. At the very least, you know a friend or family member who has their own stash of Thin Mints hidden away in their freezer.

Do you know why that assumption can be made so confidently? The Girl Scouts are not just sash clad, young girls learning about the value of hard work and entrepreneurship, they’re masterminds of fundraising. Now, that may seem like a long shot, but here’s a quick explanation.

  • 1.Personal Selling
  • The Girl Scouts know exactly who to sell to. They primarily target extended family, parents’ coworkers, schools and members of their community. These people are easy to target face-to-face and each of them has a personal stake in what you’re doing. Funding the Girl Scouts means funding the community’s children, which is a cause anybody can get behind. (It also doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable.)
  • 2.Quality Products
  • OK, when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, quality is an understatement. They are happiness in your mouth and they sell better than hot cakes. They have ruined more weight loss resolutions than any other fundraiser. The point being, the Girl Scouts know how to deliver the best product possible for your fundraising dollar. It’s that simple.
  • 3.Consistent Messaging

The Girl Scouts are iconic. Every woman has either been one or is related to one. They have a model that stays true to how they’ve been fundraising for years and they keep it that way. They sell the same cookies with essentially the same method every year and they hold true to the same values they always have. It’s that consistency in messaging that makes them successful in their fundraising efforts.

To review, the Girl Scouts are amazing at fundraising for three distinct reasons: they know who and how to sell, they offer top-quality products and they stand strong with their messaging. These are three strategies that have been proven successful and can be used by any organization.

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