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Laser Engraving

Being in the engraved brick business as long as we have, we often get questions about our brick engraving process. People naturally want to know about the quality and durability of our laser engraved bricks. We also enjoy answering your technical questions about weather-resistance, how laser engraving compares to sandblasting, etc.  We guarantee that our laser engraving process is far superior to any other engraving or etching process currently on the market.  We produce laser engraved bricks that withstand the tests of time and are unharmed by even the harshest weather.  To show you how serious we are about our commitment to quality, many of our laser engraved bricks and tiles is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects.  To learn more about our specific brick durability standards, click here

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Simply put, laser engraving is a natural and permanent process. For starters, our powerful laser equipment supports endless design options. The intense heat from the laser beam causes the brick’s material to change into a dark ceramic mark that lasts forever. It becomes part of the brick, and not once during the engraving process is the brick’s integrity compromised. The same cannot be said of sandblasting, which immediately deteriorates the structure of the brick.

When you look at our engraved bricks and pavers, notice how smooth and glossy the engraving is. Each mark creates a beautiful contrast against the surface of the brick. Unlike sandblasting, laser engraving ensures that no dirt gets trapped in the grooves. As a result, our bricks are maintenance-free. No additional labor costs are required to keep your laser engraved bricks as stunning as the first day you received them from our warehouse, meaning every dollar you raise is yours to keep for the purposes it was originally intended.

The engraved design won’t fade or crack away with sun and weather exposure; over time the engraving will still be crisp and legible. Since no epoxies, grouts or fillers are used in our laser engraving process, nothing can fade, chip, or fall out over time. Unlike inferior products, our engraved bricks and pavers won’t pose a hazard to visitors who use medically necessary assistive devices, such as canes or walkers, or wear shoes with heels. Discover why our laser engraving is superior to other brick and tile treatments.

If you have questions about our patented laser engraving process, please call us at 1-855-BRICKS4U. We look forward to hearing from you!

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