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Old Trace Dog Park Buy A Brick Campaign

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This fundraiser is to raise the funds to build a dog park in Old Trace Park.  This dog park will be funded completely by donations.  After the dog park is built we will continue to fundraise to maintain the infrastructure of the dog park and to add amenities.

Please direct questions to Debbie Waggener at Park4dogs@aol.com.

Nobody can make it on their own forever. No, without help from friends, family and neighbors you can only build yourself up to be great, but you could be amazing. Old Trace Dog Park understands this. That’s why they’re reaching out to you and the whole of our community to donate. Your donation will help us become amazing by meeting our commemorative brick fundraising goal and creating a distinguished, durable brick structure in the process. This structure could be a wall, walkway, garden or memorial, but regardless of what the structure is, your name will be engraved into it to display your generosity. Donate today and make Old Trace Dog Park amazing.

Being amazing isn’t always about making a huge difference in your community. You can be amazing simply by giving the gift of a commemorative brick. Our commemorative bricks are laser engraved, which means they will last a lifetime as a reminder that you care about their personal achievement or occasion. They’re a great opportunity for any occasion and are sure to make that special person feel as remarkable as they can be.

Our commemorative bricks make the perfect medium for any fundraising effort or gift idea.

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