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Liberty Leadership Academy – Foundation for the Future

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Rachel Dubien at or call 928-580-4975.


This brick campaign will help raise funds to open & beautify our school. The bricks will be used in our beautifully designed courtyard in a ‘Wall of Fame’. This will be a fantastic opportunity to leave a legacy, honor your loved ones, past or present, or to enshrine your company or organization as part of Liberty’s history.  The courtyard will allow students, teachers, and visitors the opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy their lunch or just provide a place of solitude for great conversation. Each contribution made to our cause is a literal building block to our fundraising campaign success. Donate today to become a lifelong part of Liberty. Remember a loved one, honor & remember those whom have served, celebrate a friend or family member’s achievement, celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary, mark a special date in your own life. Show support of your business or other organization. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our capital brick campaign.

Through an academically rigorous, performing arts-enhanced curriculum, Liberty Leadership Academy enables students to develop enduring leadership skills for lifelong success. 

We will provide students the resources to become innovators and leaders. Students will be challenged with a rigorous academic curriculum augmented by the benefits inherent in involvement with the performing arts. Liberty Leadership Academy’s Core Values, here listed, reinforce our mission statement and guide every student on a path to success.
* We become leaders through integrity in our actions and words.

* We nourish our curiosity with knowledge.
* We are determined to accomplish our goals.
* We embrace mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Liberty will provide the resources to foster leadership skills, lifetime success and achievement. Leadership and aptitude for the performing arts will be noted and encouraged.

Enhancing academics with arts, for all students, will produce opportunities for those whose artistic abilities and/or leadership skills may be as yet undeveloped. Our chosen highly-effective teaching and learning strategies are rooted in research-based best practices. Using these strategies will give every student the ability to meet and exceed the standards. 

Liberty Leadership Academy aims to produce lifelong learners who are successful, not only in academics but also throughout their lives. 

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