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Hospets – Home Away From Home Engraved Brick Campaign

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Hospets is a 501c3 nonprofit serving the needs of the Senior Citizens of Central Ohio.  We are building a facility to provide care and housing of senior owned pets while the owners are getting needed medical care or therapy.  For many seniors, a pet is their main or only source of daily companionship providing great emotional and physical benefit to the senior.  Many seniors will refuse medical treatment because they have no one to care for their pet while they are in the hospital.  The Hospets “Home Away From Home” facility will provide free care of the pets while the owner is hospitalized.  This is the only facility of its type in the nation and will be located in Union County Ohio.  Help us,  help our seniors keep their companions as long as possible.  See our work at www.facebook.com/hospets

Please direct questions to Lisa Zimmerman at lisa@hospets.org.

The message you send with a Fundraising Brick commemorative brick campaign is one of importance and community. Importance because each and every donation made is a brick and each brick is one, tangible piece of a larger structure that signifies the achievement that you and the rest of the donors have made by helping this organization’s cause. An achievement that couldn’t have been made without your help. Community because every donor is set in stone with the rest of the donors. As a part of this brick fundraiser you’re tied to this group of generous individuals for the rest of your life.

In short, a commemorative brick campaign means something. It’s not just a “thank you” package or a banquet for donors. What’s produced it a distinct structure that lasts for a lifetime and we really mean a lifetime. Each brick utilizes our perfected laser engraving technology that creates a sharper, longer lasting mark than any other engraving process available today.

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