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The General John O’Neill Bronze Statue Project

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Engraved Brick Order Deadline: May 1st of 2020


Memorial Brick Campaign Sponsored by Fenian Women’s Auxiliary

John C. O’Neill, Civil War hero, Irish freedom fighter, Fenian. His military actions affected the course of nations on two continents. His later efforts brought colonies of immigrants from crowded Eastern cities, to settle on the prairies of Nebraska. This enduring legacy still provides welcoming communities of freedom-loving people.

It is far past time that a man who did so much for his adopted country, as well as his native one, be honored in a way befitting his place in history.

In 2017, a fund was started to bring about this honor. A Nebraska family which included 2 former mayors of the city, provided the first donations. The Fenian Women’s Auxiliary began it’s charitable fundraising for the project in 2019. Renowned Western artist, Herb Mignery, has accepted the commission to sculpt the bronze statue.

The Holt County Board of Supervisors approved placing a life-sized statue on the lawn of the courthouse in O’Neill, the town that bears his name. In addition, colonists brought here by the General, were part of the earliest settlements in Atkinson and Emmet. Greeley County was homesteaded by colonists as well.

Now, people who hail from those settlements, plus Civil War, and Fenian Raid history enthusiasts, along with Irish heritage followers, can join in making this vison a reality.  Contributing a memorial brick, honoring those who appreciate John O’Neill’s dedication on behalf of his fellowman.

Only 500 memorial bricks will make up the plaza, at the base of the first ever statue of Gen. John O’Neill. We especially seek to commemorate those groups and individuals known to follow the General and his causes, either in battle or as settlers.

NOTE: Please do not apply for bricks with the names of commercial businesses. (There will be other fundraising opportunities for commercial businesses, including farms and ranches, to participate in and be recognized.)

Click here to view your inscription! NOTE: The actual bricks will ONLY be in Lucidia Sans engraved on Wheatfield bricks. The 25 clip art choices are shown below and are not choices available on the virtual brick tool!

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
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