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Gascony Village Member Bricks Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The Ladies Auxiliary and Gascony Village Association have decided to purchase an 8 x 8 brick for lot owners who pass to memorialize them in lieu of flowers. Leave a lasting impression by purchasing a brick to leave a forever footprint at your favorite getaway.

Engraved Brick Order Dates: 6/1/16, 9/1/16, 12/1/16 – DON’T MISS OUT ORDER YOUR BRICK TODAY!

 There are additional clipart available if you are interested please contact Sherree Thornton or Teddy Johnson for further information.

 For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign, please contact Sherree Thornton or Teddy Johnson

Engraved commemorative bricks are the perfect choice for honoring loved ones and gift giving occasions that include weddings, memorials, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, pets, family and even just because.

When you give a commemorative brick through the Ladies Auxiliary and Gascony Village Association as a gift, you’re not just giving them a brick. You’re giving them a personalized, life-long reminder that you care. A laser engraved brick carries a personalized message that is guaranteed to never fade or deteriorate making it a gift they can keep for the rest of their lives and display proudly in their homes.

If your brick does fade or become damaged in any way, don’t worry. The brick warranty program offered by Fundraising Brick is here to ensure that you are satisfied with your brick. In the case of any damaging, our dedicated team will remove and replace your commemorative brick at no cost to you.

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