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Dodge City Community College Foundation Engraved Brick Campaign

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The Dodge City Community College Foundation is dedicated to the support of Dodge City Community College. The Legacy Brick Walk of Fame in front of the Student Activities Center is a wonderful way to honor a family member, a professor, a program, advertise your business, remember a community member, or to simply leave a reminder for our students of the future. The Student Activities Center is a community building utilized by students and the Dodge City Community alike for basketball, volleyball, job fairs, a walking track, events, and as an emergency and FEMA approved tornado shelter. All proceeds benefit the Dodge City Community College Foundation and its programs supporting student scholarships, campus programs, and projects.

For more information, please contact Christina Haselhorst at or 620-225-9541 or visit our website at

 Donate today and become a permanent part of the Dodge City Community College Engraved Brick Campaign.

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