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Bethesda Children’s Home School Brick Fundraiser

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The Buy-A-Brick Campaign was established to provide needed funds in support of the expansion and renovation project at the Bethesda school facility in Meadville, PA. A Capital Campaign was conducted throughout Western Pennsylvania in which a portion of the funds for the school expansion were raised through the Rebuilding Lives Capital Campaign. However, the additional revenues from the Buy-A-Brick Campaign will go to offset on-going costs, as well as to make needed renovations to the main structure of the school, and purchase supplies and equipment for both the old and new sections of the school.

The beautifully designed courtyard for the brick pathway, will be a fantastic opportunity to honor your loved ones, past or present, or to enshrine your company or organization as part of Bethesda’s history.  The Bethesda School Courtyard will allow students, teachers, and visitors the opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy their lunch or just provide a place of solitude for great conversation.

For questions regarding our engraved brick fundraiser, please contact Dave Johnson

When you donate to the Bethesda commemorative brick campaign, your contribution goes towards a worthy cause. Each brick in this installation provides your community with a lasting reminder of your generosity and donation.

Each contribution made to our cause is a literal building block to our fundraising campaign success. Donate today to become a lifelong part of Bethesda. Remember a loved one, Honor & Remember those whom have served, celebrate a friend or family member’s achievement, Celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary, Mark a special date in your own life. Show support of your business, school, church or other organization. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our capital brick campaign.

Fundraising Bricks process of laser engraving is the latest and most effective brick engraving method available today. We use it to ensure that your commemorative personalized brick lasts a lifetime. If you’re looking for an exceptional way to raise funds and show appreciation for your donors, a Fundraising Brick campaign may be the right choice for you. Click here to explore all of our options.

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