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Paving the Future of Camp Freedom

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Over the past ten years the STJDA has held summer camps for Valley children living with diabetes. Many of the children attending STJDA camps come with multiple diagnoses, ranging from autism and Down syndrome to other auto immune disorders like Hashimoto, celiac and Addison’s diseases. Children coming with these conditions make for a very special camp experience, requiring a full array of medical personnel and specially trained staff on-site to ensure the safety of all campers. 

When STJDA began programming camps it was with the understanding of how important this type of experience was for children and families. Under the skilled supervision of trained camp counselors and medical staff, our campers enjoy walks, water games, arts and crafts, and a variety of other outdoor games and activities. They learn and practice techniques to help them improve their overall well-being and lead more active lives long after their camp experience.

Experiences like those provided by camp programming are essential; however, the Rio Grande Valley does not currently have a facility that can accommodate the growing need for specialized camps for children with special needs. Over the years, STJDA has rented retreat centers and created a safe environment in a space not made for us, but sustaining this effort is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the scarcity of suitable locations.  

Considering the valuable difference that camp experiences provide children with special needs and in collaboration with other Rio Grande Valley nonprofits that serve children with special needs, STJDA has thus initiated a project to create the first inclusive camp facility for children in the Rio Grande Valley.

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