Pinewood Lake Association Commemorative Brick Walk2023-08-07T13:03:33-05:00

Pinewood Lake Association Commemorative Brick Walk

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: September 30, 2023

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact Robert Sisson at or call (203)380-0504.

Pinewood Lake Association is excited to announce the installation of a new commemorative walkway, which will run parallel to the fence between the parking lot and patio.

By purchasing a brick, you not only become a part of PLA’s history but also actively contribute to its future. The funds raised from this initiative will initially finance the construction of the walkway itself, with any surplus funds allocated to reserve funding for the enhancement of our beach and grounds. By creating and maintaining these reserves, we ensure that we have funds available to invest in additional amenities and facilities that go beyond what we can typically finance through our regular dues and revenue stream.

Key Features of the Commemorative Brick Walk:
· The walkway will be approximately 40” wide and 60’ in length. The pathway will be constructed with gray bricks to match the
existing paver area by the lifeguard stand.

· Each brick can be purchased and personalized with your very own special message, engraved with black lettering into the bricks.
· The introductory purchase price for each brick is set at a special rate of $100. Subsequent brick purchases in future years are estimated
to be priced at $150 or more, this is to cover the cost of the brick and professional installation, ensuring the walkway’s longevity and

Whether you choose to commemorate cherished memories, honor loved ones, or showcase your support for the lake, we sincerely hope you join us in this memorable endeavor.

To begin, complete the required fields indicated by the *, then enter your inscription and click on the next button at the bottom of the form: You will be directed to the confirmation page to confirm your inscription. After you have confirmed your inscription, click the submit form button at the bottom right of the page. Please enter the text exactly as you want it to appear on the brick.  You do not need to center the text; the laser software will automatically center the inscription. If you would like to order more than one brick you will need to fill out a new order form for each brick that you would like to order.