SHSA Meredith’s Corner Fundraising Campaign at Schallenberger Elementary2024-06-21T14:27:50-05:00

Meredith’s Corner Fundraising Campaign
at Schallenberger Elementary

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: February 2025

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
SHSA Fundraising at  or call 408-655-4593.


Meredith’s Corner on the Schallenberger campus was established as a memorial to Meredith Blanchard, a sixth grade student at Schallenberger Elementary in the 1970’s. Meredith loved trees – most of the trees on campus were planted in her memory.  She left a beautiful legacy at the school that we plan to nurture.

To help raise funds to maintain Meredith’s Corner, we are offering a Buy-a-Brick campaign. Families are encouraged to purchase bricks with personalized laser engraved messages. Each brick is $100.

Here’s why Meredith’s Corner Renovation Campaign at Schallenberger chose to use Fundraising Brick for their fundraising campaign.

They get more money than other fundraising methods. Bake sales barely turn a profit. And simple donation campaigns fail to recognize the generosity of the donors. Fundraising Brick exclusively uses premium bricks and engraving methods, meaning that Meredith’s Corner Renovation Campaign at Schallenberger is getting the best quality brick than with any other brick vendor. Plus, Fundraising Brick campaigns are all about the donors. Your generosity does not go unnoticed or unrecognized. The commemorative bricks will bear the names of all the kind community members who gave to the cause.

This is a fundraiser for SHSA and all brick funds raised will be used to maintain Meredith’s Corner at Schallenberger Elementary.

And, if you’d like to start a donor-focused campaign of your own, contact us. We’ll help you publicize your fundraiser through personalized marketing materials, 24/7 customer service support and a campaign page just like this one.