Ladies Aid Society/Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp Fundraiser2023-08-29T12:10:05-05:00

Ladies Aid Society/Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp

Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Maureen Caswell at or call 203-940-3121.


Exciting New Fundraiser Event
Paving the Past, Present and Future Together.

When I step onto the property at “the Camp”, along with feelings of peace and serenity, there is also a historic connection with the Spirits that came to Pine Grove so many years ago. They gathered with tents during the summer months when churches closed. They shared the words of Spiritualism and brought forth messages from those that had gone before them. Over the years, the Camp has grown and changed. But we want to honor those that paved the way for us. We would also like to honor those personally special to us who have passed to the other side.

So we are offering you a chance to participate in memorializing those pioneers or your loved ones that have passed. By purchasing a brick you will not only help the Camp but also will insure that each person or persons has a permanent place at the Camp.

Once we know how many have been sold, the bricks will be put in a permanent place, visible to all. Please consider taking this opportunity to add your loved ones names or another grand supporter of our purpose, YOU! Your name would be a wonderful addition as well to the sacred place we know as the Ladies Aid Society/Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp in all perpetuity.