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Hosted by Fundraising Brick

The HFC PTSA is proud to announce we have re-opened the sale of bricks for our walkway . Purchase a brick to be installed in 2019.  Your brick can be in memory of a friend, to honor a graduate, to recognize success, etc. This is a great opportunity to leave your mark at Carey for many generations.  Support the HFC PTSA.  All profits will go back to the students at HFC in the form of scholarships and money to support special programs, clubs and activities.

 Please direct questions to careyptsabricks@gmail.com

Preserve your memories for future generations at Carey to enjoy. At Fundraising Brick each donation made is a literal building block to the success of this organization’s fundraising effort. This is true both in terms of financial gain and the construction of a distinct structure that stands as a constant reminder of the generosity put forth by you and the rest of the community. Our laser engraving process produces commemorative bricks of the highest quality that will last for hundreds and hundreds of years as a testament to the generosity you have displayed by donating to this cause. This ensures that you will always have a fond reminder of the difference you have made in your community. Your name is literally set in the foundation of the brick patio to mark your contribution. Each commemorative brick campaign is made possible by the generosity of donors like you. Donate today and become a part of the success of this cause. Thank You and donate today and make a lasting difference as part of this fundraising effort. A Fundraising Brick campaign is a perfect choice for any celebration, memorial or cause. Click here for inspiration on your own commemorative brick campaign.

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