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GOLDEN KEY PARK it takes a village

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Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Lisa Kujawa at GOLDENKEYCAMP@YAHOO.COM or call 313-363-8610.


PLEASE DONATE YOUR COINS OR DOLLARS TO HELP KIDS WITH CANCER AND GET A BRICK   “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” to make dreams come true for kids fighting cancer, we are asking for your help in granting wishes and raising funds to open the greatest place in Michigan for families battling life threatening diagnosis of cancer. Golden Key charity is committed to granting wishes for kids and also creating a FANTASTIC PARK FOR KIDS BATTLING CANCER AND OTHER DEVASTATING ILLNESSES, AND GOLDEN KEY PARK will have a special park for our events and open to the public year round for events and parties WHERE WE WILL INSTALL A BRICK COURTYARD AND DANCE FLOOR!!  Get your name engraved on a brick as a legacy placed permanently to treasure forever and you will be not only granting a wish for a child you will be building a year round retreat for these special children!   .

Please order a brick (s) or raise the funds to get one ,.. let others know also! Set a goal and raise $150, $300, $600, $1000 or more and you will receive a brick in our courtyard at Golden Key Park! At Golden Key park we are creating a huge brick dance floor and we are asking you to get a brick! YOUR ENGRAVED BRICK CAN BE ENGRAVED IN ANY NAME YOU CHOOSE AND EVEN YUR COMPANY LOGO, YOUR FAMILY NAME, YOUR BUSINESS, OR FOR A SPECIAL GIFT. PLEASE JOIN IN AND GET A BRICK OR DONATE TO REBUILD THIS INCREDIBLE PROPERTY.

If you have ever known someone that has fought the fight of cancer you know the struggle… It takes a village to make dreams come true to give kids their wish or even their last wish, YOU ARE THE VILLAGE, you hold the GOLDEN KEY TO MAKING WISHES COME TRUE. LETS GIVE ADVENTURES AND WISHES AND BUILD A CAMP FOR KIDS FIGHTING THE SCARIEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES. GET A BRICK & ADD YOUR NAME THE DANCE FLOOR, OR GIVE THIS VERY SPECIAL LEGACY GIFT TO SOMEONE SPECIAL.

 Simply let others know of your collection for your “WE ARE THE VILLAGE CAMPAIGN” and set a  goal for a week or a few days,.. put a jar out with the words “collecting for childhood cancer from ____ to _____ our goal is to raise $_______ FOR GOLDEN KEY CHARITY –  donate any amount here at this collection site or online         CALL 313-363-8610 TO ARRANGE PICK UP OR ANY QUESTIONS THANK YOU !!

 The message of “VILLAGE DAY ” is it takes a village to make dreams come true…Golden Key Charity has a fantastic goal to open a fully handicap accessible year round camp and park for kids fighting cancer, That’s our GOAL. Kids with cancer have goals too but often they cant reach them because of the disease, the treatments, the financial burden on the family, or very sadly because of no further treatment options and hospice care is the unfortunate course,.. but with your help we help them grant their wish!

Gold is the color that represents childhood cancer and we believe kids are more precious then gold and we also believe it takes a village to make impossible things come true,.. you hold the key to helping! We send kids on wish trips and Ultimately our GOAL is to open GOLDEN KEY VILLAGE, a retreat for kids to leave cancer at the curb and have adventures. Kids with a cancer diagnosis are indeed BRAVE but honestly they would rather be brave just having adventures AND DREAM! with your support they can at Golden Key Camp! Please donate, support one time – monthly – or annually, pledge or join in the fun make every day GOLD – YOU ARE THE VILLAGE!

MAIL TO :  Golden Key Charity 21660 HUNTER CIRCLE NORTH TAYLOR, MI 48180                    Golden Key Charity 501c3 27-3277570 nonprofit

Thank you for making a difference!