Clare’s House Paw Path Brick Fundraiser2023-04-04T17:56:08-05:00

Clare’s House Paw Path

Hosted by Fundraising Brick


Memories are furever, and a commemorative brick in Clare’s House Paw Path is the perfect way to honor a furry friend who is either still with you or who has crossed the rainbow bridge but still lives in your heart. The path is in Drace Park in Town & Country, a beautiful venue where brick donors and the community can visit, enjoy and reflect.  Your brick purchase also helps Clare’s House support our mission of offering helping hands and hope to loving dog parents. For dog owners facing hurdles like illness or injury, Clare’s House provides experienced fostering until both owner and furry friend can return safely home together. If that’s not possible, we help the orphaned pet find the new, forever home it deserves. Because our goal is to keep the pet and person together in the home if possible, we also offer Golden Leash services.  Our volunteers help dog owners facing injuries or mobility challenges with tasks like dog walking and vet visits, keeping our furry friends happy, healthy and home where they belong.  On a case-by-case basis, Clare’s House also works with our partner veterinarians to provide medical attention needed to keep a beloved dog at home and healthy.  Clare’s House gives people peace of mind when they need it most, while giving their loyal companions the love and care they deserve.  

Thank you for ordering your brick, honoring a loved one, and supporting Clare’s House.  If you’d like additional information regarding the engraved brick campaign, please contact