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Laser Engraving vs. Pantographing

The process of pantography can be traced back to the early 17th century. In the process of pantography, a machine is used to etch a design or message onto the surface of the brick using a sharp chiseling tool. While etching, small bits of the brick is removed until the process creates a deep crevice that will be later filled with a contrasting material. Similar to sandblasting, portions of the brick’s surface is slowly removed to be later filled in with a contrasting material to make the design stand out. Typically, the contrasting material will be an epoxy filler or paint.

When you first get your new pantograph etched brick, it will be gorgeous. In the beginning, the design and the lettering will be crisp and clean. The contrasting epoxy/paint-filled mark will stand out against the surface of the brick. However, the filler will begin to deteriorate after even a season’s worth of exposure to extreme heat or cold, the sun, rain or snow.  If you have an indoor installation, exposure to the drying effects of a building’s heating and ventilation system can slowly start to degrade the filler material.

That once beautiful etched brick will lose its epoxy or filler making the design and message unclear and difficult to read without the contrasting material. Dirt will get embedded in the now exposed crevices. Money will need to be spent for time and labor to clean out the dirty brick crevices. The exposed lettering and design can also become a hazard for heels from shoes and for those using assistive walking devices like canes and walkers.

Our laser engraved bricks are more durable and are safer than pantograph etched bricks. We permanently engrave bricks with our unique laser engraving technologies. What happens in the engraving process is called laser vitrification, or just vitrification for short.

The laser directs an intensely hot beam onto the brick’s surface and changes the composition of the clay into a dark, glass-like mark that stands out on the engraved brick or tile. For our customers, this means endless possibilities because we can offer a wider variety of creative ideas by adding clipart, artwork, custom graphics, logos, depictions and fonts to your custom engraved brick or tile designs.

Our laser engraving will guarantee a high quality and far superior product than any of the engraving processes in the market that will last a lifetime and will result in beautiful brick or tile installation. Contact us today at 1-855-BRICKS4U to speak to a member of our team and to get started on your project.