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Glass and Tile Magnet Sizes and Colors

Fundraising Brick has been the authoritative source for custom laser engraved bricks and tiles for more than two decades.  In addition to our standard brick and tile selections, we are now pleased to showcase our newest collection of fundraising products – custom engraved glass and tile magnets!  Diminutive in size, but big on impact, they are the sweetest little tiles and magnets you’ve ever seen.  Not only are these small tiles unique in that they can be mounted on a magnet, but what also sets these miniature tiles apart is the rainbow of colors available.  Tile magnets come in a variety of hues and can be enhanced with our extensive selection of paint colors.  The engraved tile magnets are eye-catching and have a textured look that enhances the engraving process; each tile magnet is 1 3⁄8-inch square in size.

Glass Magnet Base Colors

Glass Magnet Sizes

  • 1-inch square
  • 38-inch square
  • 78-inch square

Custom engraved glass and tile magnets make the perfect addition to any refrigerator door or magnetic message board.  Imagine how fun it would be to surprise a child with a “H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y” message on the fridge on their special day.  Or have magnets created for any number of holidays.

Additionally, these magnets are great for decorating lockers at school for homecoming, graduation or any other school event that requires special recognition.

These mini magnet tiles are also perfect for classrooms.  Teachers can use these magnets to decorate their classroom.  Additionally magnet tiles with letters on them can be used by educators to help students learn letters or practice spelling.  And parents can replicate letter tiles at home for further practice in advance of a spelling test, while still keeping learning fun!

Fundraising Brick is known for their superior product and unrivaled customer service.  Whether you’re ordering standard engraved bricks or mini glass tile magnets, you are guaranteed a product that is second to none.  Don’t settle for something off the shelf, create exactly what you’re looking for with our custom made and personalized tile magnets.  Our extensive selection of tile and paint color combinations mean you can ensure your magnets are exactly what you are looking for.

Please note that each engraved tile magnet order requires custom pricing, as pricing is based on the quantity needed, background color and the desired engraving on the magnet. Please contact Fundraising Brick today for a custom quote.

Glass Magnet Paint Colors

Engraved Glass Magnets

Tile Magnet Colors

Engraved Tile Magnets – Available only in 38-inch square