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FB Whiteboard Video Templates

Fundraising Brick Whiteboard Video Templates

When you partner with Fundraising Brick to execute your next fundraiser, you’ll receive tested and proven tips and advice from expert professionals, as well as everything you need to promote your efforts to your target audience, whether it’s on social media, through your website, or in-person.

The best part? Many of these marketing materials are included free of charge!

One of the items included is a set of templates that you can use to create engaging whiteboard videos to promote your fundraiser.

What’s A Whiteboard Video?

Odds are, you’ve seen a whiteboard video recently online. Also called whiteboard animations or explainer videos, these types of videos are typically characterized by their white backgrounds — although some users do prefer to use full-color animation — so as to mimic the drawing of a marker on a white dry-erase board. Some may refer to it as a doodle or slideshow, but more and more, companies across all different markets are utilizing the visual appeal and marketing effectiveness of whiteboard videos to sell services and products.

The reason? The medium of video is becoming more powerful and widespread by the day. And that’s because video is far more immersive than simple text or even still images.

In fact, nearly 80% of viewers watch an explainer video for up to two minutes. That’s an eternity when it comes to getting your message across and, in your case, converting donors for your fundraiser.

Why Use A Whiteboard Video?

Because of how engaging whiteboard animation videos can be, it may come as no surprise that they’re also incredibly effective at improving the bottom line. More than 64% of business owners have reported that explainer videos have boosted sales.

Additionally, there are a number of reasons why they should choose a whiteboard video template from Fundraising Brick:

  • Cost-effective: No need for an expensive video production team, confusing animation software, or fancy Hollywood-type voiceover talent
  • Versatile: Choose from a variety of animated video templates custom designed for different fundraisers, including schools, churches, memorials, and more
  • Easy to use: Because each template is already completely built to fit your specific needs, all you need to do is drag and drop in your logo, website URL, and other general info
  • Evergreen: As long as the nature of your fundraisers do not change, a whiteboard explainer can be used time and time again as your go-to promo video

When the time comes to present to potential donors, you simply reload your whiteboard template and watch power of video go to work.

How Do I Get My Whiteboard Video & How Much Is It?

Fundraising Brick has a number of templates for your whiteboard video — and every one of them is free!

When you work with Fundraising Brick, we’ll provide you with a free, customized whiteboard animation sales video. This is a savings of more than $3,000!

Fundraising Brick is the first in the industry to bring a service like this to the market. We are proud to bring this service to you, and the custom whiteboard video templates are just one way we are able to show support for your business and its fundraising campaign — from start to finish.

Here are just a few examples of our whiteboard sales video services.  Contact Fundraising Brick today for additional details on how to start your brick or tile campaign.

Fundraising Brick Sample Video School

Fundraising Brick Sample Video Church

Fundraising Brick Sample Video Stadium

Fundraising Brick Sample Video Veteran Memorial

Fundraising Brick Sample Video University