Building A Strong Foundation Brick By Brick
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FB Whiteboard Videos

At Fundraising Brick, we provide customers with everything they need to make their next donation campaign a great success.

Whether you’re a new charitable organization looking to kickstart your fundraising endeavors or a well-established institution looking to fund a major capital project, look no further than Fundraising Bricks to help you turn bricks into bucks!

Fundraising Brick New Service

Are you looking for a great way to raise money for your organization that will provide a life-long legacy for your generous donors?

Fundraising Brick will create a completely customized brick or tile campaign designed specifically for your organization and fundraising needs. We’ll design flyers, posters, and host an online ordering page just for you. We will also create a personalized whiteboard animation video, a lot like this one, to help you sell your bricks or tiles.

Fundraising Brick Benefits

At Fundraising Brick we help organizations just like yours raise money and provide a life-long legacy for your generous donors through customized brick or tile fundraisers. We also offer a whole host of free services as a part of each and every campaign.

At Fundraising Brick we go above and beyond to assist selling bricks or tiles for your cause. We also pride ourselves on the best customer service and fundraising support in the industry.

Fundraising Brick – Our Process

At Fundraising Brick we create customized brick or tile campaigns designed specifically for your organization and fundraising needs. Did you know that these campaigns are some of the most profitable in the fundraising community? Well, they are!

With the help of our experts, the process is streamlined and filled with all the tools needed to make your brick or tile campaign a success! Watch this short fun video and you will see WHY WE STAND OUT FROM OUR COMPETITION!