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Virtual Brick Tool - How It Works

Welcome to our new and exciting Virtual Brick Tool! Fundraising Brick is excited to introduce this handy online resource to assist you and your organization in choosing the perfect brick and/or tile options for your campaign.  We also urge you to use the Virtual Brick Tool in conjunction with any pitches or presentations you may be making to your leadership team or Board of Directors, as it helps those unfamiliar with the concept of a buy a brick or fundraising tile campaign visualize the potential impact. CLICK HERE TO USE THE VIRTUAL BRICK TOOL NOW!

And because this resource is available on our website, we recommend sending out the link after your meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to tinker around with the various inscription possibilities and can appreciate firsthand why this is the right fundraising opportunity for your organization.   The tool is simple to use, and with the ability to select brick or tile size and shade as well as fonts and sample clipart, anyone can get a great sense of what their personal brick might look like. 

Additionally, this is a great resource to share with potential donors once you have launched your contributions campaign.  While some benefactors will eagerly support your organization’s buy a brick or fundraising tile initiative no matter what, others will almost certainly require some persuasion as to why they should participate.  Our virtual brick tool can be custom desiged and integrated into your organization's online ordering page.  This will allow your donors to see how the laser engraved inscription will appear on their brick prior to them making their purchase.  Another option is to include a link to this Virtual Brick Tool on your organization’s website and provide the url along with your donation solicitation communications, potential donors are sure to get excited about the campaign (and the idea that their name will be permanently included in your tile or brick installation).  Fundraising Brick recommends using the latest version of one of the following web browsers for optimal functionality of the Virtual Brick Tool: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Internet Explorer. CLICK HERE TO USE THE VIRTUAL BRICK TOOL NOW!

Reach out to the Fundraising Brick team today to get started on the path to fundraising success!  We look forward to working with you.

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