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At Fundraising Brick, we have been in the laser engraving industry since 1996. During this time, we have been fortunate to have been involved in making countless lasting memories and creating beautiful fundraising installations all over the country, and we have learned that our success is directly related to the cornerstone of our customer service philosophy: listen to customer feedback.  As we have listened over the years, we found that more and more of our fundraising clients were coming back to Fundraising Brick for personal projects and custom gifts totally unrelated to their organization’s contributions campaign.

We all know that truly unique, personalized gifts are hard to come by and there can be some significant time invested in coming up with “The Perfect Gift”. We can make gift-giving easy for you for any holiday season.

Give personalized engraved tiles to your loved ones. The laser engraved tiles can capture a special day or relay a message of your love for the recipient. A beautifully engraved tile can be customized with our wide-selection of graphics, fonts, clipart, artwork, pictures, sizes and colors. The possibilities for creating something one-of-a-kind are endless. 

  • Holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  • Bridesmaids’ gifts
  • Wedding favors
  • Graduations
  • Group affiliations (Fraternity/Sorority, political, hobbies, honor societies, etc.)
  • Special messages (proposals, favorite quotes, affirmations, etc.)
  • Portrait tiles for grandparents or pet owners
  • Realtor gift (New home address or a portrait of the former home)
  • Children’s artwork
  • Team gifts
  • Teachers’ gifts
  • Corporate gifts (Promotions, Rewards & Recognitions, etc.)

Engraved tiles are the answer to gift-giving because you can have one created for every special date and every memorable moment in your life. It can also be your “go-to” gift for your loved ones year-after-year. A collection of the personalized tiles can be set to make a beautiful indoor or outdoor accent such as in a kitchen, a bathroom, on the countertop of a wet-bar or a set of tiles can be used as coasters. 

Let your inner artist shine, and take gift personalization to a new level with Fundraising Brick.  Not only is our product superior, but our state of the art laser engraving technology gives you the flexibility to create something truly unique, not just a personalized version of a standardized template.  And best of all, while a custom engraved tile or brick is a priceless gift, the cost is probably less that you would imagine.  If you can design it, we can create it – reach out to Fundraising Brick today to learn more. 

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