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Sports/Academic Accomplishments

Academic and sports achievements deserve to be recognized, and at Fundraising Brick we have come up with the perfect way to honor distinguished students.  Our laser engraved tiles and bricks can be customized to fit your specific needs.  Whether you want to keep it simple, and just elegantly inscribe the student’s name, school/team and the year or you want to get more creative and include the school or team logo as part of your design, we can help you craft the perfect tile or brick to salute your scholar or athlete.

Personalized tiles and bricks make for great year end mementos or graduation gifts.  In addition to recognizing their accomplishments, a laser engraved tile is also treasured by the recipient because they know it has been custom made just for them.  In addition to noting their name, school and year, it is common to include sports teams (eg. Varsity Baseball), academic achievements (eg. Honor Roll, Dean’s List, etc.) and other extra-curricular activities (eg. Yearbook Editor or Marching Band).  Depending on the amount of text you include, you may also have space for clipart images that complement the overall design.  With more than 1500 images in our clipart library, we are confident that you will find one (or more) that work well with your design.

In addition to making great gifts, Fundraising Brick can also work with schools, colleges and universities to create tile and/or brick installations that commemorate the highest achievers in each class.  Many schools have created an “Honor Wall” or “Hall of Fame” where individual students are recognized for their accomplishments (eg. honor roll, sports achievements and community service awards) on a prominent school wall for students and alumni to see for generations to come.

For the student who excels in sports, custom engraved tiles and bricks can also be used to proudly display their athletic achievements.  Tiles can be made specific to one sport – including the athlete’s name, year, team name, position(s) played, team designations (eg. Captain or MVP) and any championships won that year – or tiles can be designed to include multiple sports, to recognize your up-and-coming Bo Jackson or Deon Sanders.  Furthermore, teams can create tiles to commemorate a particular season as a fundraiser.  Simply include the team name, year, championships won and the team logo, and then sell these to athletes and their families as a fun way to financially support the team. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking honor a student or an athlete or both – let Fundraising Brick help you turn your design into a reality.  Contact us today to get started!


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