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Replica Bricks Miniature

4x8 replica brick

Fundraising Brick is here to help make your buy a brick or fundraising tile campaign profitable.  In addition to selling engraved bricks or tiles for your installation, Fundraising Brick offers a variety of “program enhancers,” which you can use to increase donations and/or as fundraising incentives.  As you can imagine, donors are enthusiastic about displaying a keepsake that indicates they have helped fund a special project that benefits your organization.  We offer a variety of “program enhancers” that are sure be a great addition to your campaign, including our Miniature Brick Pavers.

The Miniature Brick Pavers make an excellent “program enhancer”, as they are diminutive replicas of the engraved brick your donor purchased as part of the fundraising campaign.  Offer the ability to “add on” a mini replica brick to any order.  This not only gives the donor a way to increase their overall contribution (without needing to purchase a second brick for installation), but it also gives them a way to proudly display a memento that connects them to your cause and recognizes them for their generous contribution.  These mini replicas are perfectly sized to use as a paperweight on your desk or as a decorative accent in your home. 

Miniature Brick Pavers are available in two sizes, 2-½”x1-3/8”x1” (to replicate the 4x8 bricks) and 3”x3”x1” (to replicate the 8x8 bricks), and all mini replicas are a standard brick red color.  Based on what we’ve seen work in the past, we recommend selling these Miniature Brick Pavers for between $20 and $50, depending on the price of the original engraved fundraising brick.  You’ll be amazed how quickly these relatively small sales add up to make a big impact on fundraising!

In addition to selling these mini bricks, many organizations use them as fundraising incentives and gifts of appreciation.  For your top tier donors it’s always nice to have a way to say “thank you” with a memento that commemorates their contributions to your fundraising campaign.  Miniature Brick Pavers are the perfect way to give back to your donors – and if a mini brick is included as an incentive with a higher tier donation, you might just convince someone to increase their initial contribution, so they can be sure to receive a mini replica, too!

In addition to using Miniature Brick Pavers in conjunction with your existing buy a brick fundraiser, you can also use them as a standalone fundraiser or as patron gifts throughout the year.  No matter how you choose to use the mini bricks, we are sure you and your donors will love them for years to come.  Contact Fundraising Brick today to learn more about how Miniature Brick Pavers might work for you!




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