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Replica Bricks Full Size

4x8 replica brick

As fundraising experts, the team at Fundraising Brick is here to provide you with all the tools you might need to make your buy a brick or tile fundraiser campaign successful.  As you begin to think about your overall brick or tile campaign goals, we encourage you to consider fundraising incentives and “add-ons” to boost your bottom line and get your donors even more excited about their involvement with your organization.  One of our most popular such items are our full size Replica Brick Pavers. 

For the same cost as bricks designated for installation, we can provide your donors with a full size replica of the laser engraved brick they purchased in conjunction with your fundraiser.  This is a great opportunity for you to increase any given donors’ total contribution, while also giving them a keepsake they can proudly display at home or in the office.  These Replica Brick Pavers are full size (4x8 or 8x8), and exactly match the engraved brick designated for installation.  Additionally, all Replica Brick Pavers come with rubber feet on the bottom, so your donor can exhibit their brick on a shelf, desk or table without scratching the surface of their furniture. 


Based on our 20 years of experience, we suggest pricing Replica Brick Pavers at approximately one-half the price of your engraved installation bricks. For example, if you are selling a 4X8 paver for $100.00, then the replica should be offered to the donor for $50.00. If you are selling the 8X8 paver for $250.00, then the replica should be offered to the donor for $125.00.  This gives the donor a perception of value, but still ensures that each brick is still profitable for your organization. 

In addition to selling these Replica Brick Pavers, some organizations automatically provide replicas to corporate donors and individual donors at the highest level as a way of saying “thank you”. You’d be amazed how many of these benefactors display the replica brick in their homes or offices, which in turn helps build awareness surrounding your organization and its fundraising efforts among their friends, family and colleagues. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to increase your fundraising potential and/or enhance donor relations.  Contact a customer service representative at Fundraising Brick today and we’ll help you get started! 

Please note that replica bricks and tiles that are shipped directly to the donor will incur a $10.00 shipping and handling fee; however, shipping is included for any replica bricks that are shipped to the fundraising site alongside the engraved bricks designated for installation.

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