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Order Processing Instructions

Standard Ordering Process

Fundraising Brick will provide you with all of the necessary brick order forms and text documents that are needed to make your buy an brick fundraising campaign a success. They are easy to access! All you need to do is download them directly from our website. The text documents are user friendly and formatted in Microsoft Word. Our highly qualified staff can assist you with all of your fundraising needs including customized order forms, donor letters, online ordering, flyers, and much more.

Download the Order Processing Instructions here

How to Use Text Documents

Enter the text that you want to be laser engraved into the forms provided. Type the text exactly as you wish to have it appear on the brick. Do not add additional spaces for centering the text, the laser will automatically center the text that you entered into the table. If you do want additional space between the engraved text, then add the extra spaces desired. If you type it in ALL CAPS, it will be engraved in ALL CAPS. If you type in Upper and Lower, it will be engraved in Upper and Lower case. The laser engraved text will appear on the brick as typed into the text document. Remember that all punctuation and spaces count as a laser engraved character.

Complete the form provided for each type of brick that you will be ordering. For example, if you have sold one line, two line, and three line bricks, you will need to enter the text into the appropriate files provided. After the text files have been completed, complete the brick order form and submit all documents to Fundraising Brick to process your order.

View examples of completed text documents

Custom Engraved Logos

Fundraising Brick can engrave logos and signatures that are not part of our standard clipart selection. Please email info@fundraisingbrick.com to receive a quote for a custom laser engraved graphic.

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