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Squannacook River Rail Trail Buy A Brick Campaign

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With our 2018-2019 brick fundraiser, you can help complete the Squannacook River Rail Trail’s capital campaign before construction begins on Nov. 7, 2019. Our total construction budget of $150,000 includes no town or state money – grants and fundraising alone are being used to build this trail. Thanks to our previous 2016 brick sale, grants, and other generous donations, we have raised over $130,000, and so our final goal is less than $20,000 away. You can help us cross that finish line!

For each brick you purchase at $150, the profit to Squannacook Greenways of $132 will pay for 17 feet of rail trail construction. These bricks will be placed at the base of the informational kiosks to be placed in the parking areas in Groton and Townsend, similar to the artist’s conception picture above. In addition, for your donation, you will receive a one year membership in Squannacook Greenways, starting on the day the trail opens. Use the form below to order your brick on-line, and enter your own inscription. You can also choose in which town your brick will be placed – Groton or Townsend. The total cost of the brick is tax-deductible, since Squannacook Greenways is a 501c3.

Because of turtle habitat near the rail bed, our construction window is November 7th through March 15th. Squannacook Greenways has been working on the permitting process since January 2018, and we have already completed the process at the state level and in Groton. We were unable to finish in Townsend before 2018’s window opened, and so construction will begin when the window opens next year. We expect to complete Townsend permitting in the spring of 2019, when this brick fundraiser will end. After that, we will be free to begin manual volunteer work along the trail in preparation for the start of construction, possibly including installing the bricks and kiosks.

For questions regarding our engraved brick campaign or volunteer opportunities, please contact Bill Rideout at

A commemorative engraved brick from Squannacook River Rail Trail is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike other fundraisers that give you one day of recognition or a small thank you package, brick fundraising gives you a lifetime of recognition. That recognition comes in the form of a laser engraved brick with your name on it, which is then combined with all the other donor bricks to be placed in our parking areas that is proudly displayed by this organization. It’s a perfect way to display your generosity to your family, friends and neighbors and make an impact in your community.

Purchase a brick through the Squannacook River Rail TrailEngrave your brick with a special inscription to convey your love, concern, appreciation or support for people, causes, or organizations dear to you:

Remember a loved one; Honor & Remember those whom have served; Celebrate a friend or family member’s achievement; Celebration of a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary; Mark a special date in your own life; Show support of your business, school, church or other organization. There are endless reasons and possibilities for what you inscribe on your commemorative engraved brick. Donating to Squannacook River Rail Trail campaign means that you have a place that you can go to and physically see the difference you have made for the rest of your life. Donate Today!