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Locator Map

Fundraising Brick has experience with projects of all sizes.  For some of our clients’ larger engraved brick installations, including stadiums, outdoor memorials and building additions, we offer a “Locator Map”.  If you are using engraved bricks as part of a fundraiser for your organization, this is a distinct benefit you can provide to donors so that they are readily able to find their personalized engraved brick.  As your supporters bring their friends and family to the site of your organization’s brick installation, they can find the exact position of their brick with ease and show off their involvement in your fundraiser.  This is particularly useful when bricks are not installed in alphabetical order by donor last name. 

“Locator Maps” are also great to use in conjunction with memorials.  This enables visitors to the memorial to quickly find names of people who are being remembered or honored.  Whether guests are looking for family members, prominent families in the community or national war heroes, the “Locator Map” helps reduce chaos and frustration at your installation site, and ensures that everyone has a positive experience when visiting your organization’s memorial.

As with everything we do, our goal is to ensure you and your donors have a positive experience from start to finish with Fundraising Brick – including after the installation is complete.  If donors and visitors have difficulty locating the bricks they came to see, then your fundraising brick installation is not as great as it could be.  Having a “Locator Map” isn’t just about functionality, however.  When you include a “Locator Map” as part of your project, visitors enjoy the thrill of using the map to locate specific bricks.  This is not only practical, but the “Locator Map” can also be used in conjunction with a “treasure hunt” fundraiser for your organization to raise additional funds once the installation is complete. 

Imagine if you invite your donors to a night of fun, where they are given clues and need to find specific bricks before moving on in the “treasure hunt”.  This is an interactive way to get donors to visit the installation that they helped create, visit brick sites beyond their own and keep donors engaged in your organization beyond their initial donation.  “Locator Maps” are a great addition to any large scale project.  Ask today about the possibility of adding a “Locator Map” to your fundraising brick plan. 

Below are examples of past “Locator Maps” we have created for clients.




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