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Clipart Pattern Guide

Much of our ability to create an engraved brick or tile that people absolutely LOVE is from our huge selection of clipart.

Our superior laser engraving capability enables us to offer an infinite combination of engraved text and graphics! Much of the clipart we use can be categorized by industry or the type of fundraiser. After you have decided on a limited list of special clipart that you would like your donors to use in their laser engraved bricks, we will put together a customized menu of "allowable" clipart for your donors to choose from during the ordering process.  Just let us know that you want this premium service and we will add it to your order at no additional cost!

Customers are allowed one FREE clipart engraved with the text per brick. Fundraising Brick has developed recommendations that are shown in the pdf document link below if you choose to allow your donors to select clipart to be engraved on their brick. Fundraising Brick is committed to working with our customers and developing an option that will work for you and your organization. Keep in mind that these are just recommendations based on our experience to enhance the appearance of your engraved brick.

In addition to the clipart and graphics provided to you in this document, we can also laser engrave company logos, depictions, and signatures.

Please contact us for a private consultation with one of our fundraising experts regarding additional options or customization regarding clipart and we will be happy to accommodate your organizations requirements. You will be pleased at the many options you have.

Click Here to View Our Full Clipart Library of Over 1500 (PDF)

Clipart Catagories: The clipart can be engraved on the brick in outline format or filled in solid black.  Just specifiy O for outline and F for fill in the clipart section of the text file document when you place your order. Click on the link above to view our entire clipart library.  Fundraising Brick has the largest clipart library in the industry, offering over 1500 FREE Clipart.


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