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Green Technology

Still not convinced that laser engraving is a superior process as compared to traditional sandblasting or chemical etching?  In addition to the aesthetic and durability benefits associated with laser engraving, our laser engraving process is also environmentally safe process where the intense heat from the laser beam causes the brick’s material to change into a life-long lasting mark.  This ceramic marking becomes part of the brick’s structure and allows us to ensure that any brick we sell remains maintenance free over the life of the brick and your fundraising brick structure.

Sandblasting, on the other hand, requires power tools to create a deep crevice in the brick that is then filled with a contrasting epoxy, grout or paint so that writing details are readily visible.  The sandblasting and chemical etching processes are riddled with toxic substances and harsh solvents that are potentially caustic to humans and detrimental to our environment over the long term.  When you chose to use Fundraising Brick for your next engraved brick project you can rest assured that you’re not only doing great things to benefit your organization, but you’re also choosing the environmentally responsible option.

Furthermore, bricks are the original sustainable building material. As early as 7500 B.C., bricks were used in construction. The original bricks were dried bricks, formed out of clay from the earth, or mud, and dried by the sun for long periods of time. The drying out of the clay or mud made the material strong enough to use and made whatever structure the people were building durable. In more modern times, the brick is usually a mix of clay and shale that has been ground, mixed with water, molded or hand-shaped, dried and then fired in large kilns as the final process. 

Many builders and environmentalists agree that bricks should be a part of any comprehensive green building strategy because bricks provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Bricks are made from natural materials, found in abundance on earth.
  • Bricks are long lasting and reusable.
  • Bricks are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. 

Therefore, when you chose to work with Fundraising Brick on your next engraved brick installation, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a product that is eco-friendly, great looking and guaranteed for life.  What more can you ask for?  Contact the Fundraising Brick team today to learn how we can help you design an engraved brick or tile project that is as green as it is beautiful.

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