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Welcome Marker

Welcome guests to your home with a personalized laser engraved tile or brick marker.  Whether you’re looking for a simple way to post your street address or you want to extend a warm and friendly greeting to your visitors, Fundraising Brick is here to help you transform your house into an inviting home.  Our premiere laser engraving technology means that you can engrave virtually any text or image in to brick or tile. 

Do you have a street number that’s only one or two digits long?  Consider making a single large tile with your house address that you can either mount to the front of your home or stake prominently in the ground near the entrance to your home using one of our premium outdoor tile frames.

Is your address three or more digits long?  If so, we recommend using individual tiles or bricks for each number to ensure that the size of each number is large enough to be easily read from the street. A series of numbers can be mounted to the exterior of your front porch or can even be mortared into a stone or brick wall at the front of your property.

Beyond your house number, tiles and bricks can be planned as more of a welcoming gesture to your visitors (eg. Welcome to the Smith Family Home) or they can be engraved with catchy phrases (eg. Home Is Where the Heart Is).  Either way, Fundraising Brick offers a variety of different fonts and clipart images for you to include as part of your welcome marker design.  Additionally, families that live in historic homes or neighborhoods have an opportunity to create a placard to inform guests and passersby, alike, of the historical significance of their property.

Welcome markers aren’t just great for at home use.  Businesses can also use tiles and bricks to denote their street address or display a welcoming message to patrons before they enter the door.  And cities and municipalities can use welcome markers to let visitors know which building they are about to enter (eg. Welcome to City Hall) or even to point out the historical importance of a particular structure alongside the date the building was constructed.

As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  So let Fundraising Brick help you put your best foot forward and graciously welcome guests to your home or business with a custom engraved tile or brick.  Our unrivaled product and superior customer service will ensure you have a great experience as you plan and design your welcome marker with Fundraising Brick.



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