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Laser engraved bricks and tiles are the answer to gift giving because you can have one created for every special date and every memorable moment in your life. It can also be your “go-to” gift for loved ones year after year. A collection of the personalized tiles can be set and mortared together to make a beautiful indoor or outdoor accent. Indoors, individual tiles can be used as wall or shelf décor, doorstops, bookends, customized holiday decorations, coasters, train sets or a newborn keepsake, just to name a few.  And outdoors many customers have installed engraved tiles or bricks as part of a bigger landscape renovation (including using bricks and tiles as pavers and stepping stones, respectively), porch accents, address markers, pet memorials and much more!


Laser Engraved Coaster Set


Laser Engraved Tile Shown
in Tile Wood Frame


Laser Engraved Personalized Book Ends


Plate Stand Shown With Laser Engraved Tile 


Laser Engraved Tile Shown in Tile Black Frame


Laser Engraved Tile
Shown in Tile Stand


Laser Engraved Miniature Brick Train Set 

laser-engraved-miniature-brick-train-car.pngLaser Engraved Miniature Brick Train Car 


Laser Engraved Family Brick Shown in Outdoor Stake


Laser Engraved Welcome Tile shown in Outdoor Stake


Laser Engraved Garden Brick Shown in Garden Brick Stake



Laser Engraved Mother's Day Tile Shown in Garden Tile Stake

When you give a personalized engraved tile or brick, you can rest assured that you’re giving something that captures a special day or relays how much you care for the recipient. At Fundraising Brick, we want to ensure each brick and tile represents your design, which is why we give our customers the ability to personalize their purchases with wide-selection of fonts, clipart, tile shades/sizes, and brick shades/sizes. The possibilities for creating something distinctive are endless!

Making a personalized gift is the perfect way to show someone how much you really care, because you've taken the time to create something especially for them.  Our laser engraving technology means we can transfer your design onto brick or tile for the ultimate in customized gift giving.  Whether you’re looking for a single tile to commemorate a specific date or event or you’re planning a series of bricks as part of a larger installation, Fundraising Brick will help you make a gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

Beyond gifts, engraved bricks and tiles are also a creative solution to things just about everyone needs.  From bookends to doorstops to address markers, Fundraising Brick can help you design the perfect brick or tile for you…whatever your need may be! And of course, if you ever find yourself fundraising, don’t forget, that’s how we got our start, and we are the definitive fundraising brick experts! 

Contact Fundraising Brick today 855-BRICKS4U (855-274-2574) to place your customized engraved brick or engraved tile order. This is THE perfect gift for anyone for any occasion. And don’t forget to add one of our beautiful accessories to ensure your gift recipient is able to prominently display their custom laser engraved brick or tile.

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