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Are you tired of the same old t-shirts and shot glasses for your sorority events?  Let the team at Fundraising Brick help you create a personalized tile or brick to give away as a keepsake gift at your next sorority formal, rush event or fundraising party.  With customized tiles, you can promote your specific sorority and show your school spirit.  And unlike much of the supposedly “custom” Greek gear you can create on the internet (where the only thing you can change are your sorority’s letters or school name, for example), a tile designed with Fundraising Brick is fully customizable, giving you the ability to tailor your design specifically to your sorority’s or fraternity’s needs.

Fundraising Brick’s product quality is second to none.   You begin the design process by selecting your desired tile size, color and style.  From there, Fundraising Brick allows you to fully customize your brick or tile, offering more than 1500 complimentary clipart images and a selection of distinctive fonts.   If full customization is more that you’re looking for, you can also ask our customer service representatives to show you other tiles that we’ve created for your organization in the past, or templates specifically designed with fraternities and sororities in mind.

Perfect to give away as rush gifts, party favors, graduations presents or just as a memento for your “Little Sister”, custom designed tiles from Fundraising Brick are the perfect way to share your sorority pride.  Whether you design a brick to be placed in one of our frames or accessories and displayed on a shelf or you make a set of coasters to be used at the next party, you can be sure that your Greek letters will be proudly presented for years to come.  And if your house is looking for an upscale gift for alumni visiting during Homecoming or as a memento for mom and dad when they visit during Parent’s Weekend, a personalized tile or coaster is the perfect choice.

Let Fundraising Brick help you design something that will get noticed and be appreciated for its quality and uniqueness.  We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your design, because we know that committee meetings and sorority planning usually take place on weekends and after class.

“Melissa Heldt has been so helpful and he is very knowledgeable of your company and always makes me feel comfortable with any questions I might have. She goes out of her way to help.” – Darton College student


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