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Holiday Easter

The Easter Bunny will be here before you know it. Whether you are looking for a small personal gift to include in a friend’s Easter basket or you’re looking to create the perfect hostess gift for that dear family member who gets you out of having to host this year’s Easter supper, Fundraising Brick can help you create one of a kind laser engraved gifts that everyone can enjoy.   So hop on over to our design center and see how easy it is to create your very own custom tile or brick. 

When you give a gift created by Fundraising Brick, you can rest assured that any tile or brick you create will be of the upmost quality and feature personalized details unique to your design.  And with more than twenty years of experience, Fundraising Brick has received an incredible number of testimonials about the superior quality of our tile and brick products as well as our attention to detail and top notch customer service.  And best of all, our custom engraved tiles and bricks are surprisingly affordable!

"‘The devil is in the details’ and you sure are paying attention to those. Every time I deal with your company, I'm further convinced that we made the right decision by becoming your customer. Thanks so much.” - Pete Radosta

In addition to individual Easter gifts, Fundraising Brick can also help you update your Easter décor, including festive tiles that can be used as fun Easter themed coasters or as a decorative trivet.  Or create individual tiles that spell out “H A P P Y  E A S T E R”, with one letter (and possibly a small clipart image) on each tile to decorate your mantle.  And as with any holiday, consider making a few extra to give away as presents, for when a new neighbor drops by with an unexpected gift in hand.

And don’t just stop with Easter, engraved tiles and bricks also make for great stocking stuffers at Christmas and can be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving decor.  Or design the perfect birthday present for parents, grandparents, teachers and colleagues! Let the team at Fundraising Brick help you create the perfect Easter-inspired tiles and bricks that will be enjoyed for years to come.  With our extensive selection of fonts and clip art graphics (including secular and religious imagery) the sky’s the limit.


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