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Book Ends

Whether you’re looking for a gift for an executive or you’re just looking for a unique way to clean up the shelves in your child’s room, custom brick book ends are a great option for you.  Made from top quality bricks – available in a variety of colors – Fundraising Brick turns ordinary bricks into extraordinary bookends.  Each bookend begins with the brick of your choice, and can be personalized with inscribed text in your choice of fonts and can even include images from our complimentary clip art library.

There are many reasons to consider giving an brick book end as a gift:

  1. It’s practical and is sure to be used (unlike so many other gifts out there).
  2. A great way to personalize book ends with a special meaning to the recipient.
  3. The perfect gift for the bookworm on your list – who definitely doesn’t need another book!
  4. Your unique design ensures that no one else will give the same gift.

Book ends make great gifts for just about anyone for virtually any occasion.  For your employees, book ends with your company logo are a great (and practical) gift.  Logoed book ends are also a wonderful token to express appreciation for your clients – not only will your customers enjoy using these unique bookends, but they will proudly display your company logo for others to see as well, and will help ensure your organization remains top of mind.  The next time you’re looking for the perfect corporate gift, look no further than custom book ends created by Fundraising Brick and designed by you.

Book ends aren’t just for adults!  For a child’s room, these book ends can be customized to fit almost any design theme.  Almost every child has plenty of books, but the problem is, most of them are often scattered about. Why not buy a set of custom bookends to help keep your little ones organized and proudly display their books on the shelf? Fundraising Brick offers a multitude of designs as themes to fit your child’s bedroom décor, including: animals, circus, train, cars, boats, sports, hearts, stars and more. Customized and personalized bookends make great gifts for any child who loves to read, so take a look at our collection of clip art images and our selection of elegant fonts and design something that will stand out in your child’s room.  Bookends are perfect for boys and girls, alike and also make great gifts.



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