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A beautiful garden with a walkway or wall installment made out of our gorgeous engraved brick pavers would be an elegant and impressive way to enrich the campus experience for your current students and faculty. In addition, you can show your alumni donor how much you appreciate their support and to recognize their generosity to your institution. A garden can become a peaceful sanctuary for visitors who are taking a break in-between classes. A garden can be a venue for special campus events or an outdoor classroom to enhance the learning experience. A garden can be serene and a perfect place for meditation and reflection that many can enjoy.


School alumni are great to target because of the alumni pride they have for graduating from the institution and alumni want to give back. And, from a sponsorship perspective, local businesses are great to target too because they can benefit from the marketing aspect of donating to the college or university and it’s an excellent mean of generating a positive reputation in the community.

It doesn’t matter which type of campus group you may be affiliated with, tapping into the alumni and local businesses is a great way to bring in the additional funds your institution needs to pay for a garden project. University garden fundraising campaigns can also be coordinated for fraternities or sororities, sports teams or any campus special interest groups. With our many years of experience with working with in all of these realms, we can help you make your buy a brick fundraising project a great success.

Engraved brick and engraved tile fundraising have become increasingly popular because they are profitable. And, the profitability levels can be scalable to the project’s funding needs.

  • How much money do you need to raise?
  • What are  you goals for the project?
  • Is this one-time or ongoing?

We have customers who have raised a few thousand dollars for one project and, on the other side of the scale, we have had customers who have raised up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, of dollars for larger scale investments or to supplement an operating budget. And, in situations where annual recurring donations are desired, we can assist with coordinating engraved brick or engraved tile re-orders to ensure repeated ordering periods are available for your donors.

We create a superior product that can outlast many other products out there in the market. Our engraved bricks and engraved tiles are durable and are able to withstand all types of weather. The laser engraving is permanent and will not come off of the brick or tile. In fact, our laser engraving is lifetime guaranteed of any defect or we replace it. Bricks and tiles can be used for interior or exterior installations. And, due to our advanced laser capabilities, there is an endless number of designs, fonts, clipart and logos we can put on the bricks and tiles to create that truly customized piece that your supporters will love and appreciate.

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