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Fundraising Thermometer Is Here!


Fundraising Brick has developed an integrated tool that will allow you and your organization to track your online sales.  This tool will allow you to set sales goals and will automatically update as orders are placed using our online order page.  This will allow your donors to see their contribution to your organization.

This exciting new tool is also available for manual orders that your organization is taking.  We have integrated this into a simple Excel file that is user friendly and easy to use.

Make Tracking and Sharing Your Goals Easier Than Ever Before

When you’re running any sort of fundraising campaign, whether it be large or small, it can be extremely difficult to track and market your goals. The solution to this problem can be as easy as simplifying your goals and progress with a visual representation. At Fundraising Brick, we have developed our own online fundraising goal thermometer for our commemorative brick campaigns. This virtual fundraising thermometer provides you with an easily accessible, easily shareable way to promote your cause.

How it Works

The Fundraising Brick virtual goal thermometer is essentially the same as a normal bulletin board or dry erase goal thermometer. Your brick fundraising goal is at the top of the thermometer and your donation progress is marked by how much the meter is filled. The thermometer also displays what percentage of your goal has been achieved.

The big difference is that our thermometer is available online. What this means is that your thermometer will be displayed on your campaign webpage. It will update automatically from any online orders and manually from any physical orders using a personalized Excel file.

How it Benefits Your Campaign

When your potential donors see your new online thermometer, they will immediately know what you need, how they can help and the impact they are making. It’s the perfect way to promote and explain your cause simply and quickly, which will result in more donations.

Since your goal thermometer is online on your laser engraved brick campaign page, it can take full benefit of the connectivity that the web offers. You can share your fundraiser’s webpage through your social media outlets or through email newsletters. 

Change the way you record and track your cause’s progress forever. Try out our Fundraising Brick Goal Thermometer on your fundraising campaign. For more information on how you can utilize this effective, new tool for your own commemorative brick campaign contact us by phone at 855-958-0516 or click here.

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