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Columbia Country Club Clock Tower

The concept for the Remembrance Clock and FundRaiser Engraved Brick project was an excellent opportunity to involve our members, recognize our loved ones and build a timeless treasure for Columbia Country Club, while providing an on-going way to honor special occasions in our lives with engraved bricks.

Thanks to the dedicated members of Columbia Country Club, their families and friends, we began our Remembrance Clock and FundRaiser Engraved Brick Project, “For the Members by the Members”, and raised over $25,000 to purchase the clock, the bricks and pay for all expenses.

The clock was purchased from Verdin Clock Company and the bricks were purchased through Fundraising Brick. The design for the beautiful base clock was created working with FundRaising Brick and the first installation of eighteen engraved bricks has been accomplished. “I have traveled all over the world and seen clocks of all shapes and sizes, but I have never seen one so beautiful as the clock at Columbia Country Club. The clock, the brick base and the setting is just breathtaking.”

This Remembrance Clock project is a true “labor of love” and is an incredible honor for our loved ones. It is a timeless treasure and a valuable centerpiece for Columbia Country Club.

Our hope is that selling engraved bricks from Fundraising Brick will also generate funds to sustain the clocks future expenses and provide funds to assist with club projects. The engraved brick phase will keep our project dynamic well into the future as members recognize special events and people – like marriages, birthdays or a hole in one!

Remember, the clock is always ticking so spend your days making memories…because time steals everything but our memories; and FundRaiser Bricks are engraved to last a lifetime. The friendly, professional assistance provided by Jenny and Karen at Fundraising Brick exemplifies customer service through and through.


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