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Brick Order Form

Fundraising Brick is here to help you make the brick and tile ordering process as seamless as possible.  With 20 years of experience, we have created an order form that helps us ensure accurate and efficient fulfillment each and every time.  Our standard templates – including our order forms and our text forms – are a great way to help you keep track of your orders while simultaneously communicating your order needs to us.  Please note that in order to begin processing your order, we need the following:

  • The one-page ordering form, which includes your billing/shipping address information, the quantity ordered and brick specifications.
  • The necessary text file(s) that indicate the requested font and clipart image inscriptions.

Please use the links below to locate our brick and tile order forms as well as our required text file.

Brick Order Form

Tile Order Form

Text Files

And while our paper order forms have worked well for us (and our clients) for the better part of two decades, we have recently added online ordering.  As many of our partner organizations have updated their technology and moved a significant portion of their fundraising activity online, we realized that a web based ordering system would be beneficial to both our clients and their donors. Online ordering eliminates the need for your fundraising chair or campaign manager to manually re-type donor text requests into the forms.  With online ordering, donors are able to place their orders directly through Fundraising Brick, they are able to enter the text exactly as they would like it to appear on the brick, and any input errors become the responsibility of the donor. 

Another key benefit of our online ordering system is that it enables us to create a webpage specifically for your organization’s buy a brick or fundraising tile program, meaning that the only information your donors can see is that which is specific to your campaign.  Additionally, this unique landing page means that you can easily integrate a link to the brick or tile order form into your organization’s website, enabling donors to readily click though and make a secure purchase anytime day or night.

And because payment is made directly to Fundraising Brick through their online portal, your organization no longer needs to worry about collecting money, inputting brick engraving information and then paying us.  Last but not least, the online ordering system provides you, as the campaign manager, a way to manage your organization’s fundraising efforts through the website.  With the ability to track purchases as they happen, you’ll always know exactly how much money your organization has raised to date. 

Regardless of which ordering method your organization prefers, the team at Fundraising Brick is here to help you turn bricks into bucks. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our fundraising experts today, 1-855-BRICKS4U, to learn more!

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