6 Unique Church Fundraising Ideas for the Whole Family

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With Easter just behind us, we’re reminded of how much the church does for our community. So, now is the perfect time to think about how you and your community can help to support it. That’s why we compiled this quick list of fun and unique church fundraising ideas. Take a look and find out how you can give back to your local church.

  • 1.Bible Trivia
  • Test your congregation’s knowledge of the Bible with a friendly game of Bible Trivia. How many books are in the Bible? How many Apostles were there? The list goes on and on. Anything on its pages can be a question. This is a simple and exciting way to bring families together and support their church and maybe even learn something.
  • 2.Christmas Craft Sales
  • Bring out the crafty side of your religious community with a Christmas themed craft sale. Rent out tables to friends and family and allow them to sell cheap and creative Christmas cards, tree ornaments, quilts, photography, artwork and more. Everyone goes home happy with a new holiday gift or decoration and the church benefits from each contribution.
  • 3.Easter Egg Hunt and Fish Fry
  • Hold a big Easter celebration for your whole congregation. The kids will have a blast searching for Easter eggs and the adults will get to enjoy great company and food. Charge by the plate or for participation in any number fun games and activities.
  • 4.Choir Concert
  • Let your churches cause be heard by singing it to the rooftops. Invite the residents in your community to have a relaxing night out listening to your church choir. Ask for donations or charge for tickets to make this idea quite profitable.
  • 5.Lent-A-Thon
  • This church fundraising idea is a fantastic way to help your congregation grow personally and promote your church’s cause. The simplest way to do this is to just do Lent and ask for sponsors. Pick a vice or bad habit you have and give it up for Lent and then ask family, friends and local organizations to sponsor you in your efforts.
  • 6.Commemorative Brick Campaign
  • Immortalize your church goers with a commemorative brick fundraiser. With this church fundraising idea, each donation made is a laser engraved brick earned. Each of those bricks come together in the construction of a beautiful and distinct brick addition to your church that reminds them that they belong here and that they have made a difference.

To learn more about starting a commemorative brick campaign for your local church, contact Fundraising Brick by phone at 855-BRICKS4U (855-958-0516) or click here.

For more brick campaign inspiration, simply click here.