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Additional Engraved Brick Examples

It begins by paving a pathway  or building a wall. Yet what fundraising bricks ultimately build are lasting memories, beautiful public installations, the recognition of donors, and a stronger sense of community. At Fundraising Brick of Hermann, MO we’re proud to be part of so many of the important fundraising efforts currently taking place in hundreds of communities across our country. That’s why we work hard to supply you with etched bricks of the highest quality.

As you can see, creativity is one of the many reasons that our etched bricks have proved so popular with fundraisers and donors over the years. As you browse the dozens of examples below, you’ll find plenty of ideas for displaying the names of donors, sharing inspirational messages, identifying associations, commemorating historic events, and more. The visuals shown, ranging from authentically reproduced logos to detailed clipart, are just a few examples of the countless possibilities for incorporating graphic elements into the etched bricks.

Notice the wide array of font styles and sizes available—including traditional serif and contemporary sans serif lettering. Many visitors to our site comment favorably on the clarity of detail that we have achieved. In fact, that’s just the beginning of our product story.  What our longtime customers and their donors know is that the clarity you see today is designed to last for a lifetime!

You see, throughout the 15 years that Fundraising Brick has been in operation, we’ve been obsessed with quality. As pioneers of laser engraving for bricks, we have elevated the process of brick etching to a fine art. Unlike sandblasting, laser engraving results in donor recognition bricks that can stand the test of time. To make sure of this, we subjected our laser Vitrification process to not just one, but three of the toughest weather-resistance tests available. The results show that our etched bricks can stand up to freezing conditions, direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and even salt spray exposure that might occur in installations set up in a coastal area.

By contrast, if you have ever seen donor recognition bricks or pavers featuring inscriptions that have become impossible to read, you can bet that they weren’t created by Fundraising Brick. How can we be so sure? Because that degree of erosion indicates that an inferior process of sandblasting was employed. At Fundraising Brick, we educate customers about that obsolete process and we choose instead to implement more advanced technology. We are so confident in the quality of our superior laser engraving process that we offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our customers.

Explore our website to discover a world of options for integrating fundraiser bricks into memorial walls, paved walkways, and other community venues, from museums, churches, and libraries to public parks, zoos, and gardens.  Then call us at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-274-2574). We’re here to help your fundraising efforts succeed—from choosing the perfect sizes, shades, and patterns to facilitating your brick fundraiser marketing and ordering needs.

laser-engraved-brick-fundraising-brick-logo.png laser-engraved-brick-country-club-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-fredericksburg-area-service-league-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-girlscouts-of-eastern-mo-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-operation-lake-sure-fundraiser.png
laser-engraved-brick-garden-club-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-hospital-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-library-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-masonic-lodge-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-school-fundraiser.png
laser-engraved-brick-school-graduating-class-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-sorority-club-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-sorority-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-university-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-veteran-fundraiser.png
laser-etched-brick-church-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-girlscouts-of-eastern-mo-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-library-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-school-fundraiser-1.png laser-etched-brick-school-fundraiser.png
laser-etched-brick-school-graduating-class-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-university-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-veteran-memorial-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-zoo-fundraiser.png laser-marked-brick-school-fundraiser.png
laser-engraved-brick-church-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-bay-beach-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-zoo-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-brick-firehouse-fundraiser.png laser-etched-brick-hospital-fundraiser.png
laser-engraved-tile-911-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-tile-church-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-tile-school-fundraiser.png laser-etched-tile-veteran-memorial-fundraiser.png laser-engraved-tile-school-music-fundraiser.png

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